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Pet Faux Paw – Lilly Gets Air!

We have a brand new feature for you all! We are going to be releasing a series of Pet Faux Paws (see what we did there?)! Our pets are sources of joy and happiness in our lives for many reasons…one of them being the silly and sometimes ridiculous antics they get in to. So we want to share these stories with you, our readers!
Our first feature is our friend Lyndsey’s cat, Lilly. Lilly is a really sweet and happy little cat who is very patient with her fur brother, Boone (more on him later!), and her new baby human brother. She loves ice cream, cuddles, drinking out of the sink, and apparently solving problems.

lilly 2

Lyndsey told us:
So, Lilly is actually incredibly smart and rarely does anything dumb, but when she was little (probably a few months old and super tiny) she was relentless…about a nail.
In my old apartment, I had my bed pushed up against a wall. About 2-3 feet above the bed was a nail hammered all the way into that wall, totally flush and not sticking out. Seeing it used to drive her nuts. She would sit and stare at it. Then one day, she got brave and decided to try to get it. She would bounce up and down on the bed with her front paws reaching up as high as she could. At first she could barely reach it, but she persisted. After a few weeks, she managed to loosen pieces of the paint, and she would slowly chip away at it, all while bouncing on the bed. Then after a few months, she managed to start loosening the drywall and pieces of it kept falling off. Then shorty before my lease was up (so about 8-9 months now), she managed to dig a deep enough hole in the wall that the nail finally fell out. That thing was at least 2” long and now there was a huge gouge in the wall where it had been.
Before I moved out, I had to Spackle the hole or I would have lost some of my security deposit. I probably should have just removed the nail, but watching this tiny little cat obnoxiously bounce up and down on the bed was hilarious, so I left it.

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