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Q&A with a Doggy Daycare Owner


Thinking of getting a dog but not sure what to do while you’re at work? A doggy daycare might be for you.

The following is a brief question and answer session we held with Mandy Weaver: owner of Mandy’s Doggy Daycare located in Port Matilda, PA. You can check her small business out by visiting her website: 

Q: What do you have your new clients do before dropping their beloved pup off at Mandy’s Doggy Daycare?

A: The very first thing I require is a “Meet & Greet”. I invite the client and dog to come to my house for a short or long play date. Sometimes the dogs really hit it off and will play for an hour. During this time, I observe how the new dog interacts with my dogs, the new surroundings, and myself. This time also gives the client an opportunity to ask further questions, allows their dog to socialize and exercise, and the dog gets to go home with the owner. So when they start daycare, the dog will have a good experience with being here.

Q: What information about the dog should the owner have ready to go come the first visit?

A: Each dog must be up to date on his or her rabies, DHPP-c, and Bordetella vaccines. I also require they use a flea & tick preventative; my farm is a hot spot for ticks! I also strongly encourage the owner to have proper ID on their pet’s collar before starting daycare.

Q: Do you have the owners bring anything from home?

A: I encourage that they bring a favorite toy, a snack they enjoy, and an old tee shirt or a blanket that smells like home. Some dogs do get a little moppy at daycare when they first start; however, over time eventually the dogs will see me and it’s a “See ya Mom, don’t wait up for me!” kind of attitude.

Q: Do you interact with your clients throughout the day?

A: I text or email multiple times throughout the day pictures and little notes on how things are going. That way the client knows their dog is in good hands and having fun. I also instantly notify if there is something important happening, for instance “Lucky vomited up string this morning, did he eat a toy?” or “Penny’s mouth is bleeding a little, it looks like she lost a puppy tooth.” Things of that nature.

Q: Anything else for our pet fanatic community?

A: In all honesty, I want clients to feel safe dropping their furry loved ones with me during the day. I try to ask a lot of questions and explain how I do things and give them plenty of opportunity to ask me anything. I feel like communication is very important because for most of my clients their dogs are their children. To them, it’s like dropping their 4yr old off on the first day of Kindergarten.


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