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10 Types of Naps your Dog Takes

The following was submitted by Kristin Dunmire. Kristin lives in State College, PA and enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt, being a dog mom to Lyla, and volunteering at Centre County Paws. Her job allows her the flexibility to work from home which is why she is our go-to expert on dog naps!

I may not be an expert at much, but I’m an expert at one thing – my dog, Lyla.  I work at home 4 out of 5 days a week, so Lyla and I spend a whole lot of time together.  I’ve found that dogs generally don’t have a lot going on for them. Their lives pretty much consist of eating, spending time with those they love, maybe some exercising or chewing on a toy,  . . . and napping. A lot of napping. Have you ever noticed all the types of naps your dog takes? Well, I have. Here’s a list I compiled.

1. The daily scheduled naps.  You know, wake up, potty, eat breakfast, NAP until lunchtime.  Eat lunch, go for walk, NAP until regularly scheduled afternoon bark session. Eat dinner, go potty, NAP until bedtime. Seriously, if my dog had a daily planner, NAP would be written in ink.  (And yes, she eats 3 meals a day. So do I. Moving on.)


2. The bored nap.  Nothing else to do.  Can’t start Netflix or read a book. Doesn’t have thumbs. What else is she supposed to do with all her time?

3. The passed-out nap.  I can call her name, pet her . . . doesn’t matter.  She’s not waking up. Usually occurs after either a lot of exercise or a particularly busy day when the daily scheduled naps were interrupted. Efficiency is called for (i.e., more nap in less time).

4. The one-eye-open nap.  Napping… but watching for any sign of something better. Like dinner.  Or signs of a walk. Or the garage door going up. If I drop a chip, she will wake up and be on it before I can blink an eye.  This nap sometimes commences with falling asleep sitting up . . . too awake to go lie down, too sleepy to keep her eyes open.


5. The cold nap.  Curled up in a tight little ball like a deer in a field, nose tucked into her back legs.  Sometimes combined with nap #4 (eyes looking around here and there but not un-tucking her nose.  It might get cold).


6. The hot nap.  Laid out flat.  At a normal temperature, my dog won’t even lie on the leather couch without a soft blanket under her, but you can bet when there’s a blazing fire in the fireplace or on a hot summer day, she’ll lie flat out on a wood floor or stone patio, no problem.


7. The hunting nap.  Running, yipping, growling, all while fast asleep.  Clearly chasing down some prey like the wolf that she is in her dreams.

8. The diva nap.  We’re on the couch, she’s sleeping and I reach for something or get up.  Or I’m working at my desk, she’s sleeping on my lap and I dare to type on the keyboard.  Groaning, huffing, lifting her head up and glaring at me. Seriously, the attitude.


9. The contact nap.  Backing herself into me over and over again, just to make sure I haven’t gone anywhere or to gain more couch territory (I haven’t figured out which).  This is why my dog doesn’t sleep in bed with me. She’s a frequent offender.

10. The odd location nap.  All dogs have their usual spots they like – their dog bed, the couch, maybe their crate.  Then they have the spots you randomly find them in out of the blue. In a tiny patch of sun on the carpet behind the recliner, next to a tray on the ottoman, on the one piece of furniture they are not allowed on and they know it (all places I’ve found my dog after searching the usual locations).

Who knew (or even wanted to know) there were so many types of dog naps? Not me, until I decided listing them was a good use of my time (don’t judge, you just decided that reading this list was a good use of your time).  There must be more types of naps than this because these 10 came to me pretty quickly and I stopped brainstorming after I hit that nice round number. What kinds of naps does your dog take? Comment below!

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