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Pet Faux Paw — Pi Day Edition: Ebony Gets Into Some Leftovers

The following story was submitted by top-notch dog-mom Ashley. Ashley lives in Quebec with her husband and two furbabies: Frankie and Tina. 


Ebony was a hungry little dog. Weighing in at 13 pounds, she could out eat her friend, Chanel, who was a Great Dane.

One year, on Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law sent us home from dinner with left over pumpkin pie, which was only missing about 2 slices, as well as some apple cake. Being the silly humans my husband and I are, we placed the goodies on the table when we returned home. Later on that evening, Ebony jumped up onto the table as I was in the shower to indulge in the sweet flavors of the holiday. At first I heard an odd noise, like a snorting. Ebony, being a brachycephalic breed, always snorted when she ate (this is why her one of her many nick names was pig.)  Much to my surprise, there was Ebony…face deep in pumpkin pie. The cake, well, was already gone. Ebony’s brother, Frankie, was cleaning up all of the evidence that had hit the floor. When she realized I was standing there watching her in awe, she looked up, licked her lips and continued to clean the pie plate.
Being a concerned dog mom, I immediately contacted the emergency vet. Turns out, pumpkin can actually be helpful for dogs who have digestive issues. The vet thought it was hilarious but told us to keep an eye on her! The little dog never showed any signs of illness or discomfort from all of the sugar and Lord only knows what other ingredients. (note: if your pup ever eats anything out of their usual diet, please consult your vet)
Unfortunately, this wasn’t her first or last time making her way to the table top to enjoy our food. She was a seasoned jumper and could smell human food from a mile away! It only took us about three years to realize we shouldn’t leave food on the table.
Ebony recently left us here on Earth. When I reminisce about her table top escapades, my sadness turns into a smile. She was such a mischievous but loving little one,  so full of life.  I find comfort in imaging her in doggie heaven, eating all the goodies she wants with her best buds who have previously crossed the rainbow bridge.
This isn’t the first time Pets I’ve Met has featured Ebony. Check out this Instagram post we did last year.
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