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Dog-Dining: Tips For Bringing Your Dog Out To Eat

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Now that Spring has sprung, we have a question for you: Have you ever been out to eat on a nice day and think, “I miss her.” By her, we obviously mean your dog. You’ve probably thought of bringing her with you but weren’t sure where to go or how she would act. Luckily, more and more restaurants are allowing dogs on their patios. Next time it’s a nice day, think about bringing the pupper along. If it’s your first time, this post will provide you with some tips to make the experience enjoyable for all.

We sat down with Jeannette Macaluso, our dog-dinning expert. Jeannette has two fur-babies (Baxter and Peyton) who love joining her at their favorite restaurants…especially if there is pizza! Jeannette has done dog-dining in several cities as her dogs have traveled across the country.

Jeannette: I love taking my dogs out to eat and you would love it too! However, you may not know where to start. When my husband and I first got our puppy, we saw other people taking their dogs on patios and wanted to find out where Baxter was allowed.

Pets I’ve Met Team: How did you end up finding out where you could take Baxter?

Jeannette: We started by asking different business owners and, lucky for us, many business in Frederick MD hung signs in their windows that read “Woof,” and that meant Baxter was invited. As we have moved city to city, and even as we vacation, we look on Yelp and BringFido.com to find dog friendly establishments. With very little work, you can find ways to bring your pup out too.

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Pets I’ve Met Team: What advice would you give someone who has never taken their dog to a restaurant before?

Jeannette: My first piece of advice is to not expect your dog to just go and sit with you and be happy. There are a few things you may want to do ahead of time to make the whole experience more enjoyable for both you and your dog. We have practiced this many many times (just like any training, you and your dog will need practice!) and now Baxter has learned the ritual.  He now knows to lay down after he has had his snack and usually ends up watching the wait staff go to and from the kitchen. 

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Pets I’ve Met Team: Are any restaurants better than others?

JeannetteMost dog-friendly places are great. To start, I would try and find places close by. If you are able to walk to and from the restaurant you may be able to get out some of your dog’s energy before your meal.

Pets I’ve Met Team: Do you bring anything for your dog?

Jeannette: I always bring snacks for Baxter. He knows that as soon as we are seated he can expect carrots, apples, cucumbers, peppers or even his dog food out of my purse. I like giving fruit or veggies as it something different for him. If treats aren’t cutting it, try a bone or a kong for him to work on while you continue your dining experience.

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Pets I’ve Met Team: What about water?

Jeannette: I also carry a portable bowl and kindly ask one of the wait staff to bring out some water. But don’t worry if you don’t have one, most places are amazing and will bring fresh water out to each table.

Pets I’ve Met Team: Any last words?

Jeannette: If it is a hot day, make sure the pavement isn’t too hot and your dog has shade. Most businesses won’t open the patio when it’s too cold or raining, but the heat is more dangerous.  Oh! Be sure to thank your local establishments for being dog friendly and if you use social media check your dog in so others will be aware where they can dine with their dog!

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We hope Jeannette’s tips have gotten you started on how to have a nice night out with your furry friends!

You can follow Baxter and Peyton and their adventures on Instagram! 

@baxtiebear & @peytongdoodle

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