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Pet Faux Paws — Boone’s Escape!

A few weeks ago we told you about our friend Lyndsey and her sweet and very silly cat Lilly. Well… now we have her adorably goofy big brother, Boone.

Lyndsey adopted Boone when he was one. He was adorable and sweet but also a total handful. The thing to know about Boone is that he is incredibly smart and loves his humans SO so much! We adore him.

Lyndsey writes–

When I first got Boone, he had some anxiety about being in a new place.  One day while I was at work, he decided he wanted out of his crate, so he did what he could to get out and broke the weld on the front of his wire crate-the whole front came right off. Of course, in true Boone form, he took advantage of this new opportunity and did a bunch of weird stuff. He moved all of my shoes to different rooms without damaging any. In my closet, I had a big shopping bag (you know, like Victoria’s Secret with the thread handles) that was storing all of my purses. He took the bag out and removed each purse and its contents, and then spread them all over my bedroom floor, again without damaging them or anything in them (there were earbuds, chapsticks, band aids, etc. inside).


He shredded and destroyed only the shopping bag. He also shredded the newspaper recycling all over the apartment, dumped the garbage, and shredded a small, wicker basket that had my passport in it. The only damage to my passport was a tiny chewed area of a corner.

It appeared he knew exactly what was valuable and what wasn’t throughout my entire apartment. I think the passport corner was an accident and he stopped once he realized it was probably important.

She doesn’t have a picture of this Boone-tornado BUT here he is after opening some presents.


Lyndsey also notes that following this she had to buy indestructible (read: expensive) crates and use hula hoops to keep Boone away from the garbage.

Yes, hula hoops. Boone…the big bad pit bull is terrified of hula hoops. Lyndsey has also used hula hoops to keep him from climbing the barn stairs at his grandparents’ house. Because, while Boone is brave enough to climb up the stairs…he isn’t brave enough to climb back down and it isn’t easy to carry a 70 pound dog down a flight of narrow and old barn steps!


Has your dog ever gotten into some strange trouble like this? Tell us in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Pet Faux Paws — Boone’s Escape!”

  1. A while ago, I found a little Doxie mix in the middle of the road in Bellefonte. She looked like the original cartoon Grinch’s dog, Max. Her name was actually Maxine… Anyway, I took her home with me after the owner said that she didn’t want her. I had just bought a new pair of dress flats and forgot to close my closet door while I was out. She used the opportunity to chew the left shoe. Okay, I went out and bought another pair. Once again, I forgot to close the closet door. So she chewed up the right shoe of that pair. We were both left satisfied in that she had her pair, I had my pair, and I finally learned to close the closet door.


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