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7 Signs You Have a House Bunny

With Easter around the corner, we spoke with bunny-mom & expert, Alexandra Paul. Alex lives in Newport Beach, CA with her husband, Alex, her bunny, Zoey, and her human baby. Alex loves advocating for animal rights and trying to decide if her baby or bunny are cuter. She is our go-to expert on all things rabbits!


  1. There is hay everywhere.

No matter how many times you clean and vacuum, you can’t get rid of the hay. It has completely taken over your house! There’s carpet under here, I promise…


  1. There are no visible cords in your house.

You learned the hard way that your house needs to be bunny-proofed the second you bring a bunny in. All it takes is one bite for that lamp plug to be snapped in half…and your phone charger, and your laptop cord, and every other appliance you’ve ever owned. This cable cord is a true survivor.


  1. You follow more rabbits than people on social media.

Let’s be honest, bunnies are extremely photogenic. A bunny eating a raspberry? Adorable. A bunny flopping for a nap? It doesn’t get any cuter. So it didn’t take long for you to become obsessed with #bunniesofinstagram. @bunnymelv is a personal favorite!


  1.  Your fridge is filled with greens.

To the untrained eye, you look the healthiest eater in the world. #vegan? Nope, that entire shelf of your fridge is reserved for a certain furry friend. Bok choy, kale, basil, parsley, mustard greens, cilantro…you are single handedly keeping the farmers market in business.


  1. You’ve bought children’s toys for your bunny.

You know your bunny deserves only the best. And a bunny can only have so many carrot-shaped wooden rattles before she gets bored. Is that an American Girl Doll bed? Nope, it’s a bunny bed. Didn’t I see that tunnel in the kids section of IKEA? No, I’m pretty sure it’s a rabbit play tunnel.


  1. You’ve replaced all of your toiletries with cruelty-free products.

After adopting your first rabbit, the thought of using beauty products that are tested on rabbits is unfathomable. Sadly, there are a lot of brands out there that test on animals. BUT, luckily, there are a ton of cruelty-free products available at every price point. Now that you’re a bunny parent, your medicine cabinet is probably filled with this beautiful little symbol.


  1. You’ve become a bunny advocate.

Bunnies are one of the most misunderstood pets. Ever since falling in love with your own furry friend, you’ve made it your mission to educate the world on how to give bunnies the best life. They’re not meant to be an Easter present that will sit in a cage all day. They’re as dynamic and complex as any other pet and deserve an exciting, fulfilling life. Thanks to you, more animals will start living their best house bunny life!

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